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Origin of the Degerstrom International Family

The Degerstrom name may be found throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland, and America, but it is still very uncommon. Our web page documents just over 1200 family members descended from various Degerstroms going back to the year 1560. Variations in the spelling of names and places used throughout this web site include Scandinavian characters appropriate to the place of origin, including variations in spelling the name Degerstrom.

Six Known Branches with the Degerstrom Name

The six root ancestors already discovered, and where they last lived, include the following Degerstroms beginning with the oldest:

Peder Danielsson Degerström (1560-) born in Sweden, died in Sweden
Petter Degerström (1708-1769) born in Sweden, died in Sweden
Gabriel Degerström (1739-) birthplace unknown, died in Finland
Carl Fredrik Degerström (1824-1890) born in Sweden, died in Sweden
Jacob Degerström born in Finland, died in Finland
Per Degerstrom born in Sweden, died in America

Peder, Petter, and Carl Fredrik are the only documented original ancestors who were born and died in Sweden. The family name is accepted as being of Swedish origin, yet groups in America, Finland, and Norway have not discovered their ancestors in Sweden. Peder Danielsson, born around 1560, is the oldest documented ancestor known. His group used patronymics (the father's first name followed by "son", as in "Danielsson") until Johan Jernhatt, b. 1771, began using the "Degerström" name for the first time within this patrilineage. We took the liberty of "adding" the Degerström name to 6 prior generations to simplify reading the descendant lists. Our 6th tree, Petter Degerström, was "discovered" in March 1997. As new information is revealed, we expect many of our lists to grow.

Peder Danielsson Degerström

Peder Danielsson Degerström (1560-) was the first of 9 generations of farmers born in the Degersel section of the village of Råneå, Norrbotten Län Sweden, and is listed as the root ancestor of this group. His descendants include a large group of Degerstroms that emigrated to Monson, Maine USA in the late 1800's. The link to Sweden was lost for over 100 years. On 23 Nov 1996 Ted Degerstrom Jr. from Derby, Maine USA, an 11th generation Degerstrom, discovered records that connected 2 generations in Sweden. On 13 Dec 1996, the paternal links to the year 1560 were discovered by Swedish researchers, Thorbjörn Johansson and Stefan Hägglund. This line may eventually link some of the 6 separate groups.

Petter Degerström

Petter Degerström (1708-1769) was born in Västerbottens County in northern Sweden, and lived and died in Ödeby near Närke, Örebro Län Sweden. This group is the only clan in Southern Sweden, and was documented and reported in March 1997 by Petter's 7th generation descendant, Jonas Degerström, from Stockholm Sweden. Long awaited details arrived in 2003 and are being documented by Petter descendants Monica Nilsson, Agneta Nilsson, and Ingrid Degerström. Petter was married 3 times and had 10 children, including 1 that was not claimed. The information is incomplete, but Monica, Agneta, and Ingrid have more details being compiled. Over 70 new listings have been added.

Gabriel Degerström

Gabriel Degerström (1739-) lived in southern Finland, and settled in Jokioinen as a tenant farmer where he married Anna Maria Hellsten. His place of birth is unknown, perhaps Finland or Sweden, but the surname is Swedish. The earliest Gabriel descendants are documented on an old hand-written family tree, which only lists single male children in each of the first 3 generations. Descendants thereafter are well documented and presented later. We discovered in 1996 that Gabriel actually had 10 children. In 1997, Pentti Degerström, from Tampere Finland, found 7 more Degerström ancestors from the 1700's to add to the Gabriel branch.

Carl Fredrik Degerström

Carl Fredrik Degerström (1824-1890) was born in the village of Vindeln (formerly Degerfors parish), Västerbotten Län Sweden. Degefors is the derivation for the Degerström name for the Carl group. Carl is the root ancestor of Degerströms in Sweden, Norway, and a small group in America. Carl was married twice. The descendants of Carl Fredrik are well documented, and an 80 page book was created in 1990 for a Degerström Reunion in Granås Sweden. Carl was not claimed by his father, therefore no record exists to further link the Carl Fredrik branch or locate his ancestors.

Jacob Degerström

Jacob Degerström lived in Pietarsaari, Vaasa County, Finland and married Caisa Lotta Larsdr, but his place and date of birth are unknown. Jacob and Caisa had 3 children during the early 1800's. Until late 1996, their grandson, Frantz (1845-1911), was the oldest known ancestor, so not many family members are documented prior to Frantz. Frantz Degerstrøm was the youngest of 4 children of Lars and Anna Degerström, all born in Oulu Finland, and Frantz emigrated to Vardø Norway around 1880. There are over 100 descendants listed in Norway and a small group in America. Many more are expected as we investigate the siblings, aunts, and uncles of Frantz.

Per Degerstrom

Per Degerstrom lived in Stugun, Jamtland Län Sweden, and had 4 sons that emigrated to America in 1892 and settled in east central Minnesota. Carl (1880-1894) died in the Hinckley fire, brothers Matt and Nels moved west to Spokane, Washington, and Frederick Olaf Degerstrom (1873-1930) remained in Pine county. Per and his wife, Anna, emigrated in 1894 and joined Fred in Minnesota. He and his parents homesteaded 160 acres of land 3½ miles north of Partridge, later renamed Askov. It is not known if sons Nels and Matt homesteaded the property in Minnesota before moving to Spokane.

Future Research on the Degerstrom Family Name

Ongoing research is taking place, so if you are a Degerstrom, or know of one that is not listed, please notify us . With the technology available on the world wide web, the perseverance of our researchers, and the assistance of visitors to this web page, our goal of linking family groups is certainly possible.

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