Modified D'Aboville System of Family Member Genealogy Numbers


Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Family and Individual Identifying Numbers

Our pages are organized as 6 separate family trees, and most cross international borders, thus the title, the Degerstrom International Family Page. The 6 groups already identified, Peder, Petter, Gabriel, Carl, Jacob, and Per, do not share a known common root ancestor, yet Sweden is accepted as the ancestral homeland of all persons with the Degerstrom name. Although the original home of each has been established, their descendants emigrated to Finland, Norway, and America. If known, the last residence of each person listed is given in parentheses at the end of their listing.

Family Tree Format

We have adopted a modified version of the D'Aboville genealogical numbering system to differentiate between generations within family groups. This system was used by the Carl Fredrik clan in their family book created for the Degerstrom Reunion in the village of Granås near Tärnaby Sweden in 1990. Each child in the first generation after the root ancestor is assigned a consecutive number, beginning with 1, according to birth. The first child born is numbered "1", the second born is "2", and so forth. Succeeding generations retain the number of the parent followed by a period ".", then consecutive numbers, again beginning with 1 and according to birth. Each person, therefore, has a unique identifying number.

The prefix system was changed. Having 3 root ancestors with first names beginning with "P", a better method was required. Your family number has not changed, only the prefix of Peder and Petter as follows:

Pd prefix for all descendants of Peder
Pt prefix for all descendants of Petter
G prefix for all descendants of Gabriel
C prefix for all descendants of Carl Fredrik
J prefix for all descendants of Jacob
P prefix for all descendants of Per

Example: Lars, son of Jacob, was the 2nd born, and his son, Frantz, was the fourth born. His number is J2.4. His son, Osvald, was the second son. Osvald would be J2.4.2 , or the father's number plus a number according to the order of birth. Osvald's sixth (6) child was Basse, his first child was Kjell (1), and his third (3) child was Monica. Thus, Monica Degerstrøm would be J2., again, with each succeeding generation "inheriting" the number of the Degerstrom parent plus an additional digit to indicate order of birth. Since she married, her listing now shows Monica Degerstrøm-Haakonsen, and her first born, Sara, is J2.

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