Swedish Family Tree of Peder Danielsson Degerström


Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Peder Family Members Born in Sweden

Little is known about Peder Danielsson Degerström (1560-), or the next 6 generations except the paternal line and the names of some wives. Generations prior to 1560 may never be discovered because our researchers state written records are not available. All the early generations lived as farmers in the Degersel section of the village of Råneå, just north of Luleå in Norrbotten Län Sweden. This group used patronymics, and the Degerström surname was not actually used until Johan, b.1771. Peder's great great great great great grandson, Nils Fredrik Johansson Degerström, was the last to farm in Råneå. Nils had 4 children in Sweden who died very young. All others emigrated to America.

The 2 oldest surviving children from each of Nils' 2 marriages emigrated to America, Nils Johan ("John") in 1871, then Katrina Degerström-Lindgren in 1880, and both settled in Maine. Nils and his wife Marie followed in 1881 with their 6 (mostly adult) children. The entire group settled in Monson, Maine, except John, who originally lived in Brewer, Maine. Here is an overview of the earliest generations of the Daniel family born in Sweden, then links to the separate branches:

Family Tree of Swedish Born Descendants

Peder Danielsson (1560-) (Råneå Sweden)
Pd1 Daniel Pedersson (1590-) w. Elisabetha Andersdotter (1591-)
Pd1.1 Peder Danielsson (1618-1696) w. Kerstin Andersdotter (1622-)
Pd1.1.1 Karin Pedersdotter (1642-1722) h. Olof Larsson (1651-1727)
Pd1.1.2 Lisabeth Pedersdotter (1646-1694) h. Joran Hansson (1646-)
Pd1.1 Peder Danielsson (1618-1696) w. Maritha Pehrsdotter (1642-1695)
Pd1.1.3 Daniel Persson (1670-1743) w. Lisabeta Andersdotter (1674-1732)
Pd1.1.3.1 Marita Danielsdotter (1699-1700)
Pd1.1.3.2 Dordi Danielsdotter (1701-1702)
Pd1.1.3.3 Karin Danielsdotter (1703-1717)
Pd1.1.3.4 Lisabeth Danielsdotter (1704-1717)
Pd1.1.3.5 Kerstin Danielsdotter (1706-1707)
Pd1.1.3.6 Per Danielsson (1708-1788) w. Brita Christophersdotter (1699-1761)
Pd1. Brita Persdotter (1729-1792) h. Anders Jernhatt
Pd1. Daniel Persson (1731-1809) w. Maria Andersdotter (1730-1814)
Pd1. Pehr Danielsson (1754-1837) w. Kristina Johansdotter (1756-)
Pd1. Anders Danielsson (1756-1757)
Pd1. Britta Danielsdotter (1758-1829)
Pd1. Daniel Danielsson (1760-1826)
Pd1. Maria Danielsdotter (1763-1843)
Pd1. Lisa Danielsdotter (1765-)
Pd1. Helena Danielsdotter (1766-)
Pd1. Christopher Danielsson (1768-1770)
Pd1. Johan Danielsson Jernhatt (1771-1850) w. Anna Olofsdotter (1774-1815)
Pd1. Maria Johanna Johansdotter (1800-)
Pd1. Johan Petter Johansson (1801-)
Pd1. Johan Johansson Degerlund (1803-1890) w. Anna Kristina Henriksdotter (1806-1890)
Pd1. Anna Stina Johansdotter (1805-) h. Per Olofsson (1798-1871)
Pd1. Peter Johansson (1808-)
Pd1. Cajsa Lena Johansdotter (1810-)
Pd1. Lisa Kajsa Johansdotter (1812-)
Pd1. Johan Danielsson Jernhatt (1771-1850) w. Carin Katharina Henriksdotter (1782-1869)
Pd1. Brita Lovisa Johansdotter (1818-1890)
Pd1. Nils Fredrik Johansson Jernhatt Degerstrom (1819-1907) w. Lisa Kajsa Nilsdotter (1823-1849)
Pd1. Nils Johan (John) Degerstrom (1846-1931) w. Jane Russell (1863-1896)
Pd1. Anna Katerina Degerstrom (1849-1849)
Pd1. Nils Fredrik Johansson Jernhatt Degerstrom (1819-1907) w. Maria Margareta Borg (1828-1895)
Pd1. Margareta Fredrika Degerstrom (1851-1858)
Pd1. Katrina Lovisa Degerstrom (1854-1937) h. Gustav Eric Lindgren (1845-1883)
Pd1. Hilda Amelia Lindgren (1872-1963) h. Elmer Ellsworth Tidd (1864-1920)
Pd1. Gustav Adolf Lindgren (1873-1947)
Pd1. Maria Fredrika Lindgren (1876-1887)
Pd1. Oskar Fredrik Lindgren (1878-1880)
Pd1. Lars Fredrik Degerstrom (1856-1939) w. Matilda Lovisa Sundberg (1862-1940)
Pd1. Maria Johanna Degerstrom (1880-) died in Alaska?
Pd1. Emma Fredrika Degerstrom (1860-1930) h. Nelson Nelson (1859-1930)
Pd1. Gustav Adolf Degerstrom (1860-1888) w. Augusta Anderson
Pd1. Frans Oscar Degerstrom (1862-1862)
Pd1. Eva Lisa Degerstrom (1863-1919) h. Nils Westrin (1859-)
Pd1. Eleanora Degerstrom (1866-1921) h. Charles Jacobson (1856-1930)
Pd1. Hilda Augusta Degerstrom (1869-1870)
Pd1. Maria Josephina Degerstrom (1871-1932)
Pd1. Anders Johansson (1821-1890) w. Anna Lovisa Andersdotter
Pd1. Gustav Johansson Jernhatt Ek (1825-1899) w. Brita Mar Nilsdotter Springfelt (1823-)

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