Petter Family Members Born in Sweden


Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Descendants of Petter Degerström Swedish Tree

Petter Degerström was born in Västerbottens County in northern Sweden, and lived and died in Ödeby near Närke, Örebro Län Sweden. This group is the only clan in Southern Sweden, and was documented and reported in March 1997 by Petter's 7th generation descendant, Jonas Degerström, from Stockholm Sweden. Only 21 family members were listed, and 3 emigrated to New York City NY USA in the late 1800's. These 3 were previously listed on our Missing Persons page. Jonas Degerström reports that "several persons had more brothers and sisters", so ongoing research is being conducted to identify additional family members in Sweden and America.

Long awaited details arrived in 2003 and are being documented by Petter descendants Monica Nilsson, Agneta Nilsson, and Ingrid Degerström. Petter was married 3 times and had 10 children, including 1 that was not claimed. The information is incomplete, but Monica, Agneta, and Ingrid have more details being compiled. Many new listings have been added and we may eventually put them into several pages. This a great contribution, and may solve some mysteries in our missing persons page. Thank you, ladies. Your interest is greatly appreciated.

Family Tree of Swedish Born Descendants

Petter Degerström (1708-1769) w 1. Brita Hammarstedt (1707-1744) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt1 Erik Degerström (c.1738-c.1773) (Stockholm City)
Pt2 Brita Juliana Degerström (1740-1741) (Glanshammar Sweden) (Petter Degerström (1708-1769) unmarried, Catharina Persdotter (1722-) (Glanshammar Sweden)
Pt3 Olof Persson (1746-) (Glanshammar, Örebro County) child unclaimed by father (Petter Degerström (1708-1769) w 2. Catharina Carlsdotter (1713-1759) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt4 Carl Peter Degerström (1750-) w. Anna Cathrina Jonassen (Bov Denmark)
Pt5 Brita Catharina Degerström (1753-) h. Sven Svanberg (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt6 Margareta Elisabet Degerström (1755-) (Ödeby Sweden) (Petter Degerström (1708-1769) w 3. Anna (Stina) Andersdotter (1725-1800) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7 Johan Degerström (1761-1818) w. Christina Andersdotter (1767-1844) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.1 Carl Degerström (1787-1788) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2 Anders Degerström (1789-1877) w. Stina Jansdotter (1791-1874) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.1 Stina Lotta Degerström (1815-) (Axberg Sweden)
Pt7.2.2 Jan Eric Degerström (1818-1901) w. Maja Stina Persdotter (1818-1888) (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7.2.2 1 Carl Johan Degerström (1844-) Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.2 Hedda Matilda Degerström (1848-1848) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.3 Maria Christina Degerström (1849-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.4 Gustaf Reinhold Degerström (1852-) w. Sophia Pettersson (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7. Karl Gustaf Degerström (1875-) (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.6 Anders Alfred Degerström (1857-1892) w. Emelia Johansson (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7. Karl Hjalmar Degerström (1889-) (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7. Anna Maria Degerström (1892-) Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.7 Anna Lovisa Degerström (1859-1861) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.2.8 Erik Adolph Degerström (1862-) (Ödebyv)
Pt7.2.3 Anders Petter Degerström (1822-1893) (Göteborg Sweden)
Pt7.2.3.1 Per Alfred Degerström (1865-) (Nora Sweden)
Pt7.2.4 Carl Fredrik Degerström (1825-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.5 Gustaf Reinhold Degerström (1828-1862) (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7.2.6 Carolina Josephina Degerström (1830-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.6.1 Emma Christina Degerström (1856-) Ödebro Sweden) child unclaimed by father
Pt7.2.7 Hedda Lovisa Degerström (1834-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.2.7.1 Matilda Lovisa Degerström (1859-) (Ödeby Sweden) child unclaimed by father
Pt7.2.8 Claes Wilhelm Degerström (1835-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.3 Anna Greta Degerström (1791-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.4 Brita Stina Degerström (1794-) h. Lars Larsson (1777-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.5 Jan Degerström (1796-1857) w. Catharina Persdotter (1799-1862) (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7.6 Lena Degerström (1799-1853) (Ödeby Sweden) unmarried
Pt7.6.1 Stina Lovisa Degerström (1825-) (Ödeby Sweden) child unclaimed by father
Pt7.6.2 Carolina Degerström (1834-) (Ödeby Sweden) child unclaimed by father
Pt7.7 Carl Peter Degerström (1802-1830) w. Anna Stina Mellqvist (1802-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.8 Ulrica Degerström (1804-1862) (Fellingsbro Sweden)
Pt7.8.1 Johan Degerström (1829-) (Ödeby Sweden) child unclaimed by father
Pt7.9 Lovisa Degerström (1807-) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt7.10 Gustaf Degerström (1815-1884) w. Christina Persdotter (1811-1872) (Medåker Sweden)
Pt7.10.1 Carl Gustaf Degerström (b 1840 Medåker Sweden) (New York City USA 1870)
Pt7.10.2 Per Eric Degerström (1843-1901) w 1. Johanna Eklund (1844-1874) (Näsby Sweden)
Pt7.10.2.1 Alma Matilda Degerström (b 1871 Ervalla Sweden) (New York City USA 1886)
Pt7.10.2.2 Carl August Degerström Eriksson (1873-1954 w 1. Ida Olin (1872-1907) (Hallsberg Sweden)
Pt7. Elna Eriksson (1896-1972) h. Axel Thärnström (1890-1968) (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Barbro Thärnström (1935-) (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Carin Thärnström (1969-) (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Maria Carlsson (1971-) h. Tomas Tinglöf (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Jacob (1997-) (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Anton (1999-) (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Svea Eriksson (1901-1986) h. John Björkman (1899-1960) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. John-Olof Björkman (1925-1997) w. Maj Eriksson (1921-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Jan-Olof Björkman (1944-1981) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Ingrid Björkman (1950-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Mikael Björkman (1972-) w. Pauliina Kanto (1973-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Rasmus Björkman (2002-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Alexandra Jovanov (1982-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Alexander Jovanov (1986-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Ulla Björkman (1928-) h. Åke G. Nilsson (1921-1992) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Agneta Nilsson (1949-) (Enköping Sweden)
Pt7. Monica Nilsson (1954-) (Enköping Sweden) (Carl August Degerström Eriksson (1873-1954) w 2. Hedvig Lundgren (1887-1918) (Hallsberg Sweden)
Pt7. Valborg Eriksson (1908-1991) h. (Hallsberg Sweden)
Pt7. Daughter (1948-) h. (Örebro Sweden)
Pt7. Erik Degerström (1911-1962) (Hägersten Sweden)
Pt7. Ingrid Degerström (1944-) (Vaxholm Sweden)
Pt7. Birgit Ingegerd Degerström (1946-) (Leksand Sweden)
Pt7. Carl-Erik Degerström (1948-) (Vaxholm Sweden)
Pt7. Daniel Degerström (1983-) (Vaxholm Sweden)
Pt7. Noemi Degerström (1984-) (Vaxholm Sweden)
Pt7. Carolina Degerström (1988-) (Vaxholm Sweden)
Pt7. Holger Degerström (1913-1969) (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7. Anders Degerström (1947-) (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7. Jonas Degerström (1974-) (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7. Kristina Degerström (1976-) (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7. Lena Degerström (1952-) h. Leif (Stockholm Sweden)
Pt7. Arne Degerström (1916-1976) (Göteborg Sweden)
Pt7. Hans Degerström
Pt7. Birgitta Degerström (1947-) (Göteborg Sweden) (Carl August Degerström Eriksson (1873-1954) w 3. Ebba Gustavsson (1890-1951) (Hallsberg Sweden)
Pt7. Folke Eriksson (1923-1976) (Partille Sweden) (Per Erik Degerström (1843-1901) w 2. Karolina Jansdotter (1845-1908) (Näsby Sweden)
Pt7.10.2.3 Johan Arvid Degerström (1876-) (Näsby Sweden) unmarried
Pt7.10.2.4 Tekla Olivia Degerström (1877-) (Näsby Sweden)
Pt7.10.2.5 Elin Flamminia Degerström (1880-) (Näsby Sweden)
Pt7.10.2.6 Anna Lovisa Degerström (1882-1966) (Näsby Sweden) unmarried
Pt7.10.2.7 Erik Reinhold Degerström (1884-) (Näsby Sweden)
Pt7.10.3 Johan Viktor Degerström (1845-1845) (Götlunda Sweden)
Pt7.10.4 Victor Degerström (1847-1909) (Kristinehamn Sweden) unmarried
Pt7.10.5 Maria Matilda Degerström (1850-) h. Carl Gustaf Sjöqvist (1851-) (Medåker Sweden)
Pt7.10.5.1 Carl Gustaf Sjöqvist (1874-) (Medåker Sweden)
Pt7.10.5.2 Elin Vilhelmina Sjöqvist (1876-) (Medåker Sweden)
Pt7.10.5.3 Tekla Cecilia Sjöqvist (1879-) (Medåker Sweden)
Pt7.10.6 Johan Alfred Degerström (b 1855 Medåker Sweden) (New York City USA 1881)
Pt8 Gustaf Degerström (1764-1778) (Ödeby Sweden)
Pt9 Anna Christina Degerström (1766-1817) h. Anders Andersson (Näsby Sweden)
Pt10 Fredrik Degerström (1769-1775) (Ödeby Sweden)

Updated Information Still Needed for the Petter Tree

As more is learned about the Petter Degerström family tree, we expect our listings to expand.

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