Finnish Family Tree of Gabriel Degerström


Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Gabriel Family Members from Finland

Gabriel Degerström's first 3 generations were once thought to begin with single male children in each generation (no siblings). After investigation, we have documented 10 children in the first generation. The last, Johan, was born from a second marriage when Gabriel was 69 years old! We will continue to search for the possibility of additional descendants.

Meanwhile, the fully documented branches of the Gabriel family tree begin with Kustaa and his wife Kustaava, who are credited with multiple offspring. Due to the size of the Gabriel tree, each branch is listed in a separate section, with the exception of Kalle who died at birth. Here is an overview of the Gabriel family then links to the separate branches:

Gabriel Degerström (1739-) w. Anna Maria (Jokioinen Finland)
G1 Ulrika Lindström née Degerström (1763-) h. Johan (Fagervik Finland)
G1.1 Henric Lindström (1785-) (Tammela Finland)
G1.2 Ulrica Lindström (1791-) (Tammela Finland)
G1.3 Catina Lindström (1797-) (Jokioinen Finland)
G1.4 Anna Catharina Lindström (1799-) (Jokioinen Finland)
G2 Fredric Degerström (1767-) (Fagervik Finland)
G3 Maria Degerström (1770-) (Fagervik Finland)
G4 Heikki Degerström (1771-1844) w. Hedvig (Hattula Finland)
G4.1 Johanna Degerström (1792-)
G4.2 Hedvig Nyman née Degerström (1793-) h. Gustaf (Siuntio Finland)
G4.2.1 Carl Gustaf Nyman (1806-)
G4.2.2 Hedda Lovisa Nyman (1809-)
G4.2.3 Anna Helena Nyman (1814-)
G4.3 Fredric Degerström (1795-)
G4.4 Heikki Degerström (1798-1867) w. Maija (Hattula Finland)
G4.4.1 Isaac Degerström (1822-)
G4.4.2 Johannes Degerström (1826-)
G4.4.3 Kustaa Degerström (1834-1895) w. Kustaava (Jokioinen Finland)
G4.4.3.1 Kalle Degerström (1863-1863)
G4.4.3.2 Juho Degerström (1865-) w. Ida (Kuusjoki Finland)
G4.4.3.3 Iida Tapola, née Degerström (1868-1952) h. Kalle (Jokioinen Finland)
G4.4.3.4 Mikko Degerström (1870-) w. Maria (Kuusjoki Finland)
G4.4.3.5 Aleksandra Mäenpää, née Degerström (1873-1954) h. Kustaa Virtanen (Jokioinen Finland)
G4.4.4 Vilhelm Degerström (1838-)
G5 And Johan Degerström (1775-1775) (Tammela Finland)
G6 Lowisa Degerström (1776-) (Tammela Finland)
G7 Johannes Degerström (1779-) (Jokioinen Finland)
G8 Hedvig Degerström (1783-) (Jokioinen Finland)
G9 Gustavus Degerström (1786-) (Jokioinen Finland)
G10 Johan Gabriel Degerström (1808-) (Kalvola Finland)

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