Swedish Family Tree of Carl Fredrik Degerström


Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Carl Fredrik Family Members from Sweden

Carl Fredrik Degerström, son of Anna Charlotta (1796-1879), was born in the village of Vindeln, Västerbotten Län, Sweden. The parish in Vindeln was known as Degerfors, thus the origin of the Degerström name. Carl was not claimed by his father, so no record exists to further link this group, or research ancestors. Carl descendants now live in Sweden, Norway, and America. Here is an overview of the Carl family then links to the separate branches, which are broken down in pairs due to the large size of the Carl Fredrik clan:

Carl Fredik Degerström (1824-1890) w. Christine Elizabet (Granås Tärnaby Sweden)
C1 Ulrika (1861-1919)
C2 Charlotta (1864-1946)
C3 Carl Johan (1865-1873)
C4 Johannes (1869-1959) w. Sara
C5 Maria (1871-1939)
C6 Frans (1875-1891)
C7 Carl August (1877-1945) w. Hulda
C8 Klara (1881-1969)

Carl Fredrik Family Tree Branches to Explore

Ulrika and Charlotta Family Branches
Carl Johan and Johannes Family Branches
Maria and Frans Family Branches
Carl August and Klara Family Branches

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