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News Featured from 1996 to Now

This page lists some of the news in the Degerstrom International Family, including newly found ancestors, family reunions, or birth announcements! We already uncovered exciting new information on the Gabriel and Jacob branches, and the Petter Degerström tree was added in March 1997. As new facts are confirmed, expect our web page to grow.

Swedish Connection to Degerstroms from Maine new item graphic

In 2010 linking the Degerstroms from Maine and living relatives in Sweden reported in 2003 is being given more attention thanks to renewed interest by Leif Persson of Stockholm. In addition, brothers Ed and Jim Degerstrom are collaborating on a separate Degerstrom from Maine website being launched soon.

New Update Adds 30 Persons to Gabriel Tree

Special thanks to Reino Eerikäinen and Tarja Lukumies of Kiikala Rekijoki Finland in November 2007 for sending an update to the Juho Degerström Branch of Gabriel Degerström Tree with 30 new persons.

Another Website Makeover in 2007

The family site began a new look in June 2007 in XHTML with CSS and "stretchy" pages to fit the screen depending on the pc monitor size of each visitor.

First Living Relative of Degerstroms from Maine in Sweden

Leif Persson, Stockholm, Sweden, emailed us on July 22, 2003 to report that his mother is a descendant of Johan Jernhatt Johansson Degerström, and therefore the FIRST living relative of the Degerstroms from Maine reported in Sweden. Leif is sharing research on the Jacob branch in Finland, also. WELCOME to the family, Leif!!

New Researchers Join the Family Team

Petter Degerström descendants Monica Nilsson, Agneta Nilsson, and Ingrid Degerström recently furnished the long awaited details of the Petter family tree. This branch grew from 21 persons to 96 with the first release of information. More is on the way. Thank you very much!

Note: Our researchers provided valuable information on the Per tree, also, including the year Per was born, correct place of birth, his middle name, corrected birth order of his sons, plus their birth year and middle names. Fred Olaf was born Olof Fredrik, and went by "Fred" in America. He was the oldest son, so the prefix of the numbering of the Minnesota branch is P1, not P4. These corrections have been updated in the Per family tree.

Family Pages Get a New Look

A much needed makeover of the International Family pages was finally completed in February 2003. Originally released in 1996, our family site was overdue for a major update, and now every page features new graphics and easier navigation.

Family Page Moved to

It's been awhile since we had any major updates, but the Degerstrom International Family Page has moved (again). My special thanks go to Pål Degerstrøm for hosting the page for several years. After attaching the International Family to the Degerstrom from Maine web site, I decided it's time to go with a domain name. As a non-profit, genealogy only page, it makes sense to host on a ".org" page. With my full attention to keeping our family information current, I look forward to family members everywhere supporting me with updates.

Missing Persons Page Expanded to 178 Persons

In the last part of 1996, Ted Degerstrom, Jr. of Derby, Maine, provided 40 pages of data from LDS records on Degerstroms in Sweden and Finland. Despite the tremendous success of linking persons to family trees, there are still 178 Degerstrom bloodline relatives that Ted uncovered without a branch to call home. These are now included in our Missing Persons section. It prints out to about 5 pages, so why not download a copy and volunteer to become a Degerstrom International Family detective?

Jacob Tree Ancestral Birthplace Moved 100 Kilometers

Pentti Degerström of Tampere Finland, a professional translator and the key researcher from the Gabriel tree, visited the Jacob tree and reported a major correction in the ancestral birthplace of Jacob and Caisa's children. The correct translation of our data is not "Vaasa", but "Pietarsaari, Vaasa County". Pietarsaari is located 100 kilometers north of Vaasa (the city), and both are located in Vaasa County. We corrected the Jacob tree to show Pietarsaari for Jacob's first generation. Note: If you plan a genealogical excursion to the city of Vaasa, you won't find Jacob. However, try researching the 5 Degerströms listed in our Missing Persons section (born in Vaasa the city).

Jonas Degerström Documents Our 6th Family Branch

In March 1997, Jonas Degerström from Stockholm, Sweden, documented and introduced the Petter Degerström (1708-1769) Family Tree, our 6th family branch. The original listing is 21 family members, but Jonas reports 3 emigrated to America, and others had brothers and sisters not listed, so the group is expected to grow. Information on the Petter tree is already included on our web site. Out of respect for Petter as the 2nd oldest root ancestor known, he has been inserted 2nd in order throughout our pages.

Pentti Degerström Uncovers New Ancestors in Finland

The latest ancestors "dug up" by Pentti Degerström in Tampere Finland include 7 more Degerströms from the 1700's and 1800's. The results are corrections to the genealogical numbering of more than 300 people in the Gabriel tree, so if you memorized "your number", check your listing again. Thanks, Pentti!

Major Addition to Our Web Site in March 1997

We added a new page to our web site in March 1997, so check out the E-Mail Links to Family Members page for a summary list (and links) to send e-mail to Degerstrom descendants worldwide. This great idea came from Thomas Degerström from Lit, Sweden. Thank you, Thomas!

Possible 7th Degerstrom Branch Under Investigation

In the Degersel section of Råneå, a Johan Larsson (b.1736) and married to Elsa Nilsdaughter (b.1742) had a son Nils Johansson Larsson (b.1771, which is the same year as Johan Jernhatt Degerström). As an adult, Nils Johansson took the name Degerström (Deger from Degersel, and strom for mountain stream). This could mean a 7th branch of Degerstroms! However, because of the taking of names, they would not be related to the Peder line (also from Degersel near Råneå)!

The Entire Nils Fredrik Clan Emigrated to America

The latest addition to the Degerstrom Research Team is Anna-Lena Hultman from near Ulricehamn Sweden. Anna-Lena specializes in ships records and Swedish-American churches in the US, and discovered that Lars and his siblings were not the only members to emigrate. The parents, Nils Fredrik and Maria Margareta, did not die in Sweden but emigrated with the (mostly adult) children on 15 Sep 1881 and settled in Monson, Maine. Anna-Lena's input was responsible for the addition of our Missing Persons Page, also. Thanks for the assistance, Anna-Lena!

Thorbjörn Johansson and Stefan Hägglund Provide Help from Luleå

The Internet has allowed us to reach 2 very special people in Luleä Sweden. Tobbe (Thorbjörn) Johansson and Stefan Hägglund are volunteers located by Ulrika Karlsson from the Information Office in the city of Luleå to help in our research. Tobbe is a student and Stefan is a teacher. On 13 Dec 1996 this team reported six "new" generations of the Degerstrom clan from Maine discovered in local records that take this branch back to the year 1560! Until more is known about his father, Peder, our web site has been modified to include this group of ancestors going back to Daniel, born in 1590.

Frantz Degerstrøm Ancestors Found in Finland

Just when we thought it couldn't get any more exciting, church records in Finland have been uncovered that take the Frantz branch back TWO generations. Frans Degerstrøm christened in Oulu Finland (the known birthplace of "Frantz"), was the child of Lars Johan, who was the son of Jacob. The Frantz branch became the Jacob Family Tree as of January 1997.

Frantz Degerstrøm Relatives in America

Sibling children of Frantz Degerstrøm, Arthur and Agnes, were known to have emigrated to Seattle, Washington USA. This group is now fully documented thanks to Monica Degerstrøm of Drammen Norway, who provided the complete tree for the Frantz descendants in Norway and America. These family members are now listed on our web site under "Jacob Degerström" (see notice above changing the Frantz Tree to his grandfather, Jacob).

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