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Pentti Degerström

Monica Degerstrøm

Leif Persson
Kerstin Näslund
Jonas Degerström
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerström
Thorbjörn Johansson
Stefan Hägglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

Listing of Websites Related to Our Family and Genealogy Theme

This section links other web sites of general interest. We have genealogy related sites, and may include personal sites of Degerstrom family members in the future. If you have a site that you would like to recommend, please drop us a line. We can't guarantee which sites will be accepted, but your suggestions are appreciated.

NOTE: The most valuable source of information for genealogical research is still hard copy church records and microfisched files, most of which are not available on the Internet. Archives aren't going anywhere, so realize that hard work and a little luck are necessary to get details on your ancestors.

Genealogy and Degerstrom Family Related Sites

  • Pål Degerstrøm of Norway has and graciously hosted the family pages for a period of time during the transistion from the free hosting domain to our current ORG website.
  • Thomas Degerström of Lit Sweden has their personal family page www.degerströ online with family photos and other information in Swedish.
  • Ed Degerstrom's Photo Gallery of Degerstrom and Parkman Photos with many new pictures, including colorized versions as old as the late 1800's
  • Hemavan Tärnaby is the homesite of Henrik Berglund, a descendant in the Maria branch of the Carl Fredrik clan, and includes package tours and rates for this winter resort in Tärnaby Sweden.
  • Cyndi's List is one of the top rated Genealogy Related sites on the Internet and features over 50,000 links to sites involved in family and genealogy
  • Surname Web Page is another growing site listing genealogy info, including names of researchers for particular names or family trees.

We Welcome Additional Suggestions for Our Website List

Do YOU have a favorite site that fits the "theme" of our web page? Contact us for consideration.

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