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Comments from Worldwide Visitors Since 1996

Some of the comments received are presented to show what visitors had to say about the Degerstrom International Family Page. The list is in chronological order with the most recent comments at the top.

Tine Degerstr°m, Norway
Hello! My name is Tine Degerstr°m, and I live in Norway! I'm daughter of Knut Degerstr°m. I just found your page on the internet and thought it was very interesting to read aboute my bloodline! Great page!

Mai-Lis Degerstr°m, Asker Norway
My daughter Monika Skaret og Per Eirik Skaret has got a boy on May 29th 2003 and his name is Theodor Skaret. I would appreciate if you will be so kind and add him to the family branch.

Leif Persson, Stockholm Sweden
I have just found your great site about the families Degerstr÷m. My mother is a descendant from Johan Jernhatt (1771-1850 in Degersel). It's very interesting to find a familyline down to the year 1560. Thanks for a great job!

Sanna Luoto, Somero Finland
There in your page is missing one person, my little sister Senni Luoto, she is born in 1995, so if you want you can fix that and wrote under these names Samu Luoto, Sanna Luoto and Santtu Luoto too Senni Luotos name... Thanks to you!!

Monica Nilsson, Enk÷ping Sweden
What a surprise. We are very happy, that the Tree is on Internet. You have done a great job. Thank you, Jim. The site is looking very good. Fine colour.

Lena H÷gstr÷m, Svenstavik Sweden
Hej! I have just found the Degerstr÷ms site. It was very interesting. Thank you, Jim for a good work.

Torill Degerstr°m, Oslo Norway
I am Leif Degerstr°m's daughter, Torill Degerstr°m, so could you please add me to the Jacob family tree? I am born in 1966 and I have a son, Simen Amadeus Degerstr°m, born 1994. I also have a brother, Cato Degerstr°m, born 1963. He has a daughter, Celinda Degerstr°m, born 1991.

Pňl Degerstr°m, Oslo Norway
Browsed on in at your site, and I must say you're doing great work! You might also be interested in knowing that I've acquired the rights for the domain "" and will be opening shop in a few weeks.

Thomas Degerstr÷m, Lit Sweden
Hello, just showing my mother our BIG site. She is very impressed.

Tedi Schilling, Flathead Lake MT USA
I have just checked the Degerstrom International Family Page. I must say I am very impressed with the amount of information you have and the organization of it.

Mike Degerstrom, Rochester MN USA
I revisited the web site a couple days ago. Among other things, I really enjoy reading the visitors comments.

Lisa Degerstrom, Bangor ME USA
It was pretty incredible to find out about our page. It is nice to see your own name and the names of your children in some kind of chronology. Kind of gives you a sense that your name means something. And sure if any one wishes to correspond with me I would gladly welcome it.

Hanne Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund Norway
My mother has seen the web site and she was very excited. My brother and I live at home still. My brother (J°rgen) is in junior high school and I am in high school.

Jonas Degerstr÷m, Stockholm Sweden
I didn't know there were so many of us! The only one's I knew of was my Dad (Anders Degerstr÷m) his mother (Britta Degerstr÷m) and my sister (Kristina Degerstr÷m) and my father's cousin (Birgitta Degerstr÷m). Keep up the good work! Note: Jonas Degerstr÷m, and the family members mentioned, are now listed on our web site.

Jim Degerstrom, Minneapolis MN USA
I just received an e-mail from one of my cousins in Moose Lake Minnesota who got wind of the Family web site. She signed on through a computer at her high school. She was quite thrilled at what she found.

Bob Degerstrom, N Grafton MA USA
Just wanted to compliment you on the great job you did on the family tree. It sure is fun going through and seeing the history of our family.

Thomas Degerstr÷m, Lit Sweden
This is great. I've read the comments that the guests have written. You have made a good job. The Degerstrom's are impressed.

Anna Degerstrom-Ylen, Clatskanie OR USA
It sure is surprising how many there are of the Degerstroms in the world. I always thought my family in Seattle were the only Degerstroms in the U.S. when I was growing up. I never knew who my great great grandfather or great grandfather was until I saw their names on the web page. Thank you.

Kalle Lockner, Umeň Sweden
I visited your web site. What a job you have put into it... Impressive! My daughters are Emma Degerstr÷m, age 16, who lives with me, and Christina Degerstr÷m, living and working in London.

Sean Degerstrom, Moose Lake MN USA
I think it's really cool that somebody took the time and effort to put together the Degerstrom family tree... All I know is that we have a large family that now appears to be even larger than I expected.

Jorid Degerstr°m, Troms° Norway
I saw our home page today. It was very interesting. You have done a very good job, Jim. You may "change" my listing on the web site to add an e-mail link. My e-mail address is at a University. I am studying "bioingeni°r" in Troms°.

Fredrik Degerstr÷m, Umeň Sweden
I checked out your home page on our ancestors. Nice.

Mark Allen Degerstrom, Tucson AZ USA
I think this is great! I've always wondered about our history. I'd like to thank my uncle Jim for creating this site. To all the rest of the family... STAY IN TOUCH!!!

Pentti Degerstr÷m, Tampere Finland
I think that I may eventually want to translate the pages for distribution within the Finnish branch... (I'll want to print out the translated pages and give them to my relatives here). The older people here do not understand English (and don't have Internet access).

Mike Degerstrom, Rochester MN USA
By the way, do you intend for the general public to see the contents of the guest register? I think this is a common practice. But I can see no means of viewing the signees of the guest register. Do I just need to look harder? Note: For visitors enjoying our guest comments, you may thank Mike for his great suggestion.

Arnefinn Olsen, Br°nn°ysund, Norway
There are two additions to the Ulrika and Charlotte family branches. "C2.6.4.3 R÷nnaug Nesje (1965-)" has got two children. 1. Sigrid Nesje (7. September, 90) 2. Kjetil Nesje (1. August, 92) We are currently living in Br°nn°ysund, Norway.

Linda Anderson (Mandat), Miramar FL USA
Great work !!!!!

Daphne Degerstrom, Irvington Alabama USA
You must be very excited about the progress that has been made on the Family Page. I know I was excited to see the progress so I can only imagine how you must feel to see the work that you have helped accomplish.

J°rgen Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund Norway
Hello! This is Hanne's brother J°rgen. Nice page you have! Check out mine.

Hanne Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund Norway
It is so exciting to discover new facts about our ancestors. I had no idea that there were so many Degerstr°ms in the world. We do not mind you putting our e-mail address to our listing. As a matter of fact we would be very happy to get in touch with other Degerstr°ms all over the world.

Stefan Hńgglund, Luleň Sweden
I thank you very much for naming me at your homesite. I must say that I feel rather proud to be there.

Blanche Degerstrom, Lantana FL USA
Have just spent 30 minutes on the Degerstrom page. It is awesome to discover so many other Degerstroms in the world, when we had thought we were the only ones! But, how wonderful, too.

Hanne Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund Norway
My mother, Anne Marie Degerstr°m, is the daughter of Erling Halvdan Degerstr°m. Erling was the youngest son of Frantz Degerstr°m. My mother grew up in Vard°. She has a brother (Oddmund Degerstr°m) who now lives in Arendal, Norway. He has his own e-mail entry.

Beverly Ylen, Longview WA USA
I really enjoyed reviewing the Degerstrom "family" tree. I found it very interesting and am looking forward to any new information that is available. Thank you, Jim, for your call. It was quite surprising to come to find out there are so many Degerstroms. I spoke with my brother last night and informed him of the "Degerstrom Web Site". He was very excited and shocked to hear the news of one being established.

Pňl Degerstr°m, Oslo Norway
Jim! Any kind of link you want to set up is fine by me. I'd actually like to hear from my relatives. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to keep an eye on your site.

Anders RingnÚr, Lit Sweden
I was told about this site by Susanna Degerstr÷m, Lit, Sweden, who is one of the famous Degerstr÷m's. She is also my work-mate at the Swedish International Directory Assistance, and that's why I've visited this site!

Troy Degerstrom, Bangor ME USA
Hmmm... I'm not sure why any one would send me something, but that would be neat if I did get something from Sweden, Finland or Norway.

Cyndi Howells, USA
Hi Jim - I've added a link to your site under "D" in my "Surnames...." category and will have it online later tonight. Would you please also consider adding a link to my site from yours? Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Mike Degerstrom, Rochester MN USA
Great job! By the way, I just printed out several pages of the home page and they looked very good.

Karen Degerstrom, Owosso MI USA
I know how much time you have spent working on this website. It is lovely! My congratulations to a job well done. I hope all Degerstroms known and alive will visit it soon.

Mike Degerstrom, Rochester MN USA
The site looks great! I found it today with Yahoo.

Ulrika Carlsson, Luleň Information Office, Luleň Sweden
I have been on your family┤s website. I am impressed. Maybe you should have a link to Luleň on it. :-)

Pentti Degerstr÷m, Tampere Finland
Jim, I think the site looks really good!

Thomas Degerstr÷m, Lit Sweden
I have looked at the site and you have made a great job. Is it possible to make a addressbook with a number of Degerstroms and their e-mail addresses on one web page? I only have you to "talk" to just now.

Eric Degerstrom, Columbus GA USA
You've done a great job with the site! I don't have any suggestions with the design. A friend, viewing the site, asked if it would be too much trouble to add a link to internet sites dealing with genealogy research ..congratulations.

Jim Degerstrom, Minneapolis MN USA
The Degerstrom home page looked good to me last week - I especially liked the various flags... Well, I'm off to Germany tomorrow. I'll be anxious to check back in the home page in 10 days when I get back.

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