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Pentti Degerstr÷m

Monica Degerstr°m

Leif Persson
Kerstin Nńslund
Jonas Degerstr÷m
Monica Nilsson
Agneta Nilsson
Ingrid Degerstr÷m
Thorbj÷rn Johansson
Stefan Hńgglund
Anna-Lena Hultman

United States
Jim Degerstrom
Ed Degerstrom
Ted Degerstrom, Jr.
Mike Degerstrom

List of Family Members Who Submitted Email Links

This page was added in 1997 after a suggestion made by Thomas Degerstr÷m from Lit, Sweden. He asked "Is it possible to make an addressbook with a number of Degerstroms and their e-mail addresses on one web page?" What a great idea! These family members welcome your message, and although the hyperlinks have been removed due to spam concerns. If you are listed or related and in contact with someone listed, please join our International Family Forum and share your email address there.

Names are listed in first name order by preferred nickname only (ie Bob is not listed again under Robert). If known, residence, year born, and root tree are shown, then spouse name in parentheses.

Bev Ylen, WA USA, b. 1966, Jacob tree
Blanche Parkman-Degerstrom, TX USA, b. 1924, Peder tree
Bob Degerstrom, MA USA, b. 1955, Peder tree (w. Kim)
Carl-Erik Degerstr÷m, Waxholm SWE, Petter tree
Carol Degerstrom-Heskett, ME USA, b. 1943, Peder tree (h. Jerry)
Cassandra Hatt-Eaton, ME USA, b. 1954, Peder tree (h. Kenneth, Jr.)
Cato Degerstr°m, Sandefjord NOR, b. 1963, Jacob tree
Christina Degerstr÷m, Umeň SWE, b. 1977, Carl tree
Christine Babcock-George ME USA, b. 1951, Peder tree (h. Robert)
Christine Degerstrom-DeBruhl NC USA, b. 1977, Peder tree (h. Travis)
David Brewer, ME USA, b.1970, Peder tree (w. Amy)
Debbie Degerstrom-Brewer, ME USA, b. 1954, Peder tree (h. Dwight)
Ed Degerstrom, VA USA, b. 1945, Peder tree
Emma Degerstr÷m, Umeň SWE, b. 1980, Carl tree
Fredrik Degerstr÷m, Umeň SWE, b. 1975, Carl tree
Hanne Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund NOR, b. 1980, Jacob tree
J°rgen Degerstr°m Ellingsen, Br°nn°ysund NOR, b. 1982, Jacob tree
Jeff Heskett, ME USA, b. 1970, Peder tree
Jim Degerstrom, FL USA, b. 1949, Peder tree (w. Pat)
Jim Degerstrom, MN USA, b. 1953, Per tree
Jonas Degerstr÷m, Stockholm SWE, b. 1974, Petter tree
Jorid Degerstr°m, Troms° NOR, b. 1972, Jacob tree
Karen Degerstrom, MI USA, b. 1951, Carl tree
Kari Degerstr°m, Trondheim NOR, b. 1975, Jacob tree
Lena H÷gstr÷m, Svenstavik SWE, b. 1948, Carl tree
Lisa Degerstrom, ME USA, b. 1970, Peder tree
Mai-Lis Degerstr°m, Asker NOR, b. 1945, Jacob tree
Mette Degerstr°m, NOR, b. 1968, Jacob tree
Monica Degerstr°m-Haakonsen, Asker NOR, b. 1969, Jacob tree (h. Rune)
Pňl Degerstr°m, Oslo NOR, b. 1969, Jacob tree
Pentti Degerstr÷m, Tampere FIN, b. 1961, Gabriel tree
Roger Richards, Jr, b.1960, Peder tree
Sanna Luoto, Somero FIN, b. 1989, Gabriel tree
Susanna Degerstr÷m, Lit SWE, b. 1964, Carl tree (h. Thomas)
Ted Degerstrom Jr., AL USA, b. 1942, Peder tree (w. Marie)
Ted Degerstrom III, ME USA, b. 1974, Peder tree
Thomas Degerstr÷m, Lit SWE, Carl tree (w. Susanna)
Torill Degerstr°m, Oslo NOR, b. 1966, Jacob tree
Troy Degerstrom, ME USA, b. 1970, Peder tree

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